The Company

Islandreams Textiles Collection in production
The Process of Hand Printing Fabrics

The custom fabric line designs are hand printed using the antique process of woodblock printing and silk screening. Most of the images are organic which are layered to create multiple colors and shapes. Utilizing natural plant materials and hand carved wood cuts, silk screens are created for the hand printing of the fabric. Often these wood blocks are designed and carved by Marti herself or antique wood blocks from her personal collection (gathered from around the world) are used. Many of these rare blocks are more than 100 years old.

We use natural fibers such as linen, cotton and flax, and environmentally safe pigments and inks. The pigments are hand mixed following our own formulas and most of the fabrics are printed by hand.

Hospitality Information and Specifications

Any design from Islandreams Textiles can be translated into products for hotels, resorts and restaurants. To receive information, please contact us. We will be prompt to provide you with a proposal covering lead time, pricing and samples.

All designs for our hospitality line are printed on AvoraŽ FR Fabrics.

AvoraŽ FR fabrics are found in hospitality, healthcare, office environments, transportation and a myriad of other markets that demand the utmost performance in textile as well as flammability standards. Unlike the topical FR treatments, the inherent flame resistance of AvoraŽ FR never washes off and passes NFPA 701 small scale. Since AvoraŽ FR is non-absorbent; stains adhere only to the surface making stain removal much simpler.

We've selected this great fabric for these reasons:

  1. Meets industry standard requirements and specs
  2. Naturally fireproofed - no additional additives or topical treatment is needed.
  3. 30,000 double rub certified - This material is extremely durable and will hold up for years in most commercial environments.
  4. Versatility - This fabric base comes in 8 different weaves, which gives our clients more choices.
  5. Color Lightfastness - We are very impressed with the exact color matches and saturation, which ensures more color durability.
  6. The Hand - Avora is great to the touch. From linen to cotton sateen, your products will have a First Class appearance and feel.
* Custom orders welcome. We will gladly print on any fabric you specify.